Darcy Burkhardt Renna

Certified & Licensed Heal Your Life® Coach and Workshop Leader in the Philosophy of Louise L. Hay

Corporate Stress Management Trainer and Public Speaker

Phone: 716.983.2688

Tonawanda, New York
Darcy Burkhardt Renna - Founder

Helping to improve your best assets

I inspire people with their ability to live their best life.  I teach simple, yet effective techniques to change their thinking to help them manage stress and lead more productive, fulfilling lives.

We only have control over 3 things in our life:

  • The thoughts we think
  • The images we visualize
  • The actions we take

Services offered:

  • Corporate Stress Management Training
  • Corporate Workshops 
  • Inspirational Public Speaking 
  • One one One Coaching 
  • Self Improvement Workshops in the philosophy of Louise L. Hay

 Employees will learn:

  • Effective techniques to change their thinking
  • Tools to increase productivity
  • Success through teamwork
  • Steps towards greater job satisfaction resulting in decreased absenteeism
  • Strategies needed to live a more balanced and joyful life

You will learn to:

  • Achieve a new level of self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Develop awareness of negative beliefs to eliminate thoughts that limit you.
  • Learn effective techniques to transform your thinking.
  • Discover how the combination of positive affirmations, visualizations and emotions can help you achieve your dreams.
  • Obtain the strategies you need to live a more balanced and joyful life.
  • Discover the difference between meditation, guided imagery, and visualization. 
  • Learn time management and communication skills that will assist you in saying YES to yourself.
  • Understand how to become the star of your own life, writing and directing your own script.

My Mission ...
I am a Licensed & Certified Heal Your Life®Coach and Teacher in the philosophy of Louise L. Hay.  I am passionate in assisting individuals through the discovery of their own magnificence.  I enjoy facilitating the connection of mind, body, and spirit to live more joyful, loving, and prosperous lives.  My mission is to help people regain connection, peace, and wholeness in their inner world so they can naturally express that in their outer world.

Discover the mindset that has limited your success in business, financial abundance, intimate relationships, wellness, growth, and much more.

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